Dr. Shivajirao Patil

The groundbreaking ceremony of the mandap to be built for the unveiling ceremony of the memorial of Fortune-maker of Latur District, Karmayogi Dr. Shivajirao Patil Nilangekar Saheb was completed today. Many dignitaries from Maharashtra and millions of followers of Dada are going to come to our Nilanganagari on the 9th to reminisce the memories of Dada. For the convenience of all of them and to enhance the beauty of the program, a grand and divine mandap is being erected in the premises of Maharashtra Vidyalaya. After this program, an interaction program with the journalists was concluded through a press conference.

On this occasion, State General Secretary of Maharashtra Congress Ashokarav ji Patil Nilangekar, President of Maharashtra shikshan sanstha Vijaykumar ji Patil Nilangekar, Principal of Pharmacy College Bhagwat ji Paul Sir, Dilip ji Dhumal of Shikshan sanstha, Bharat ji Gore, P. P. Ga , as well as college staff and journalists, were present in large numbers.