Drushti Abhiyan

Drushti Abhiyan launched by Akka Foundation.

‘Akka Foundation’, conceptualized by Honorable Rupatai Patil Nilangekar (Akka), has always been at the forefront of philanthropic activities. India has the largest number of blind citizens in the world. Cataracts have been found to be the main cause of blindness in most cases. Cataracts can be cured with vision therapy and surgery. But even today it is neglected especially in rural areas. Drashti Abhiyan was started by Akka Foundation with the aim of providing eye health facilities to the citizens of rural areas.

The camp was inaugurated on It started on 19 June 2022 and it will continue for the next 91 days i.e. till 17 September 2022. Meanwhile, various facilities like free eye examination camps, distribution of spectacles and cataract surgery will be made available in various villages of Nilanga, Devani and Shirur Anantapal talukas of Latur district.

Akka Foundation continuously strives to ensure that all citizens can live a healthy life. To fulfill this purpose various health camps and blood donation camps are organized by Akka Foundation from time to time and ‘Drushti’ campaign is a next step of this.

The auspicious conclusion of this campaign will be held on 17 September 2022, the birthday of Hon’ble Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modiji.