Gateway of Opportunities – Namo Maharojgar Melava!

The youth of Marathwada possess immense potential to lead Maharashtra effectively in both politics and social causes. It is imperative to provide them with new avenues of opportunity. Recently, the Namo Maharojgar and Career Guidance Mela was organised at Mahila Tannariketan Maidan in Latur, drawing significant participation from the local youth. This enthusiastic turnout is a source of satisfaction for me. As a representative of the people, I consistently advocate for employment opportunities not only in my constituency but throughout Maharashtra. The government of the Grand Alliance in our state remains steadfast in its commitment to creating new avenues of employment for the youth, and this gathering is a testament to that commitment.

Friends, over 240 reputable companies participated in this Maharojgar Mela, offering more than 7,000 employment opportunities. Additionally, experts provided guidance to the youth on various business-oriented matters, including how to initiate and finance businesses. Special programs were also organised for women and girls, enabling them to seize valuable opportunities. With the NAMO Maharojgar and Career Guidance Meeting shaping the future of Marathwada’s youth, entrepreneurship is poised to flourish in the times ahead.

Our esteemed Prime Minister, Narendra Modi ji, consistently motivates the youth and underscores the importance of providing them with employment opportunities for the progress of our nation. Inspired by his vision, the government of the Grand Alliance in the state initiated this program. We aim to expand the scope of such grand employment fairs to the district level, ensuring that more youth can benefit from them. In the years to come, the Namo Maharojgar Mela will continue to grow, fostering the creativity of the youth and promoting entrepreneurship. I am confident that the Namo Rojgar Melawa will serve as a gateway of opportunities for a dynamic Maharashtra!