Grand Divine Monument

Through a grand memorial unveiling ceremony, we Respectably paid tribute to Dadasaheb in the presence of a huge crowd!

The unveiling ceremony of the divine memorial of Karmayogi Dr ShivajiRao Patil Nilangekar Saheb, who played an immense role in the politics and socialization of Maharashtra, was concluded with great joy at Nilanga. An unforgettable and unprecedented ceremony was held in the presence of all-party veteran leaders of Maharashtra politics. In that ceremony to pay loving respect to Dadasaheb experienced a huge and spontaneous response from thousands of citizens. Dada saheb’s venerable place in the hearts of all Nilangekars was seen through this ceremony.

Also, after assuring that the water problem of Marathwada will be solved by diverting excess water from western Maharashtra to Marathwada. Dadasaheb, who was the pioneer of water irrigation in the state, was paid tribute by the government in the presence of thousands of citizens.