Icon of Social Equality – Jagdjyoti Basaveshwar Maharaj

Some people can think ahead of their time. With the strength of their thoughts, they can change society. One such great personality lived through the twelfth century. Jagdjyoti Basaveshwar Maharaj was a fierce fighter fighting against the established social inequality. Even today, his valuable thoughts serve as a guide to society. In my political and social life, the precious wealth of his thoughts always show me the right path. His treatment of all religions equally in society and his work from the perspective of humanity are the ideal lessons of human life. Recently, the birth anniversary of Basaveshwar Maharaj was celebrated with great enthusiasm in Latur. With Basavanna’s thoughts in mind, a grand procession was carried out on this occasion. The occasion presented an unprecedented unity that could be seen in society.

Mahatma Basavanna set an ideal for every element of society to behave virtuously through his conduct and stay away from poor behaviour. Mahatma Basaveshwar has taught society through his words that one should not commit theft, rage, anger, praise, envy, or egotism. Mahatma Basaveshwara’s literature is one of the best guides on how to live life. Every section of society should read the thoughts of Mahatma Basaveshwar Maharaj and adopt them in their daily life.

Mahatma Basaveshwar Maharaj radically changed the system by transforming the then-unequal society. Through his conduct, he created a new system which frees us from loneliness and brings us towards society, from ignorance to knowledge, from asceticism to householder life, from austerity to ease, from discipleship to renunciation, from superstition to rationalism, from parasitic tendencies to hard work, from inequality to equality. Basavanna was the forerunner of a social revolution, creating a new way of life through his thinking. He was a pioneer who sought a new path, a new way. Getting introduced to the thoughts of such a great social reformer, Jagdjyoti, Mahatma Basaveshwar Maharaj, every youth should strive to uplift our society and our country. It’ll be the most genuine manner to cherish the society envisioned by Mahatma Basaveshwar Maharaj.