Modern ‘Lalpari’ of Maharashtra

June 1, 1948, marks a historic milestone in Maharashtra’s history. It was the day when the first bus of the State Transport Corporation embarked on the “Pune-Ahmednagar” route. Fast forward to June 1, 2023, nearly 75 years have passed since that momentous occasion. Over these 75 years, our beloved Lalpari has remained steadfast in serving the people, braving sun, wind, and rain. From Chandya to Bandya, and from Gaon Kheda to tribal pada, Lalpari has been a lifeline, guided by the motto “Bahujan Hitaya, Bahujan Sukhai”. Many of our fondest childhood memories are intertwined with this red chariot. ST buses have been a constant presence in the lives of school and college students across talukas and districts, ferrying them to and from their destinations. Memories of Lalpari include delivering food to children studying away from their villages and distributing bundles of newspapers from village to village. Despite the proliferation of four-wheeled vehicles in many households, the significance of Lal Pari remains undiminished.

ST has introduced various initiatives to benefit different segments of society. These include a monthly pass scheme for school students, special discounts for the disabled, and senior citizens, and a 50% discount for women. Over 30 such schemes have been implemented by the Mahayuti government through ST, providing crucial support to many. Moreover, the ST Corporation has launched a cleanliness drive to rejuvenate dilapidated stations, fostering a movement for the transformation of bus stations in villages and cities alike. Our red fairy is evolving with the times, adorned with modern services to enhance passenger experience. The recent acquisition of 1000 new buses reflects ST’s commitment to providing comfortable travel experiences, with plans to expand the fleet further.

In light of the escalating threat of global warming, there’s a pressing need to reduce the use of fossil fuels and embrace eco-friendly energy sources. Inspired by this ethos, ST has embarked on a journey to incorporate 5150 electric vehicles into its fleet, heralding a greener future. Embracing digitalization, ST has introduced ticketing via the modern UPI system, making transactions cashless and convenient. Simultaneously, significant improvements have been made to the reservation system, enhancing passenger convenience. As we look ahead, the unbroken tradition of serving the people of Maharashtra will undoubtedly culminate in a grand Centenary Festival in the future.