marathwada coach factory

Marathwada, the heart of Maharashtra-1

Marathwada has a rich history that could be described as the land of social and political revolution. Marathwada’s history and culture are rich, but its development is always overlooked. Marathwada has always contributed to the overall development of society in the country’s and Maharashtra’s 70-year history.

However, Marathwada was overlooked in comparison. Because of nature’s abomination and a lack of industrialization, Marathwada has lagged behind in the race for development. This division, which includes up to nine districts, lacks both good infrastructure and balanced opportunities for growth and employment. As a result, many people were forced to leave their homes and relocate to a new location in order to support their families. All of these citizens from Maharashtra contributed significantly to the development of that region. It was their fate, however, to see our Marathwada in drought and desperate for development.

Finally, the wait for Marathwada is over, and the pleasant winds of development are touching every heart of Marathwada. Prosperity has entered the Marathwada courtyard, opening new doors of progress. ‘Marathwada Railway Coach Factory’ means the world to the people. At Latur in Marathwada, the only railway bogie factory in Maharashtra and the fourth in the country, international standard railway bogies are manufactured. This project has been realized as a result of the expectations of lakhs of people, the efforts of countless people, and the vision of development men, and the ‘new chapter of comprehensive development’ in Marathwada has begun.