National Creator Awards – Honoring Meritorious Youth

Digital creators or influencers wield significant influence in today’s mobile-centric era. The government, too, acknowledges their impact and philanthropic endeavors across different sectors. From young children to senior citizens, everyone at home is captivated by this cohort of creators. These talented individuals, who generate rich content, are the pride of our nation and have garnered international acclaim. Some are adept at traversing various locales, while others are tech-savvy experts, providing reliable information about modern gadgets. These digital savants have carved out a unique niche in the digital realm.

Prime Minister Hon. Narendra Modi has consistently championed the cause of youth empowerment. He often emphasizes that India boasts the largest youth population globally, and if their talents are harnessed effectively, they can shape many new endeavors for the nation’s benefit. Recently, the inaugural National Creators Award ceremony was held under the auspices of Prime Minister Modi. This marked the first time that content creators using their creativity on social media platforms were recognized in this manner. The award ceremony took place at Bharat Mandapam in New Delhi, where all these digital creators were duly honored. Through their diverse content, these digital creators are effectively disseminating knowledge. Many individuals derive new information, perspectives, and hopes from the content they produce.

This initiative to acknowledge excellence across various domains, including storytelling, commentary on social and environmental change, education, and gaming, is commendable. Awards were conferred in 20 different categories, encompassing Best Storyteller, The Disruptor, Celebrity Creator, Green Champion, The Best Creator for Social Change, Most Impactful Agri Creator, Cultural Ambassador, Best Travel Creator, New India Champion, Tech Creator, Heritage Fashion, Most Creative Creator, Best Creator in Food, Best Creator in Education, and the International Creator Award. May these talented individuals, who entertain and enlighten audiences with their diverse talents, be blessed with endless opportunities!