Drushti Abhiyan

An ambitious ministry called ‘Drushti Abhiyan’ was started from the concept of Hon’ble MLA Sambhaji Patil Nilangekar and the initiative of Akka Foundation as a permanent solution to the eye problems in rural areas, especially cataracts. d. The first phase of this campaign was successfully implemented from 20 June to 17 September 2022. Also, due to the response and demand of the citizens, the second phase of the campaign was also started.

First Phase Success:

90 days campaign.
Organized camps in 45 villages.
Eye Examination of 11,500+ citizens. 
2000+ free glasses distribution.
Free Cataract Surgery for 1500+ Citizens.

Campaign Features:

– Free treatment and guidance on all problems.
– Organization of camps at village level.
– Free transportation facility for disabled and senior citizens to the camp

Second phase of Drushti Abhiyan

17 September to 25 December 2022

samrudh shtekari
Samrudh Shetkari Abhiyan
Indraprastha Jalbhumi
harit hatur
Harit Latur
Harit Shivjayanti
Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj
Project Anandi
Drushti Abhiyan
Drushti Abhiyan
sambhaji patil nilangekar

Current MLA, Nilanga Vidhan Sabha Constituent and Former Cabinet Minister, State of Maharashtra

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