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Project Anandi.. Her Pride our Duty.

Menstruation is a topic that is close to everyone but is always kept four hands away from the discussion. This topic is close to every woman in the society, as well as to every man. But it is never read publicly. In today’s 21st century, society has advanced a lot. Even so, the topic of ‘menstruation’, which is very important for women, is avoided.

Project Anandi – An initiative for her

One of the most effective ways to clear up misconceptions about menstruation is to discuss it openly. Women of all ages from the age of 12 to 45 face menstruation. But because the topic is covered ‘behind the veil of shame’, it is not talked about even at home. As it is a ‘women’s subject’, the men in the house and even the women themselves avoid talking about it. But now is the time to talk about it openly, for men to take the initiative along with women. ‘Project Anandi’ is being implemented by Akka Foundation with the aim of providing information about menstruation to adolescent girls as well as adult women and providing materials needed during menstruation.

The main purpose of which is to:

– To remove the misunderstandings, superstitions and sense of impurity in society about a very important subject like menstruation.

– To create awareness about menstruation among adolescent girls.

– How to take care during menstruation? Inform about this.

– Provision of materials needed during menstruation (eg sanitary pads).

– Efforts to provide employment in rural areas by starting production of sanitary pads through women self-help groups in rural areas.

– To increase the participation of men in menstrual awareness campaigns.

– To make entire Latur known as ‘menstruation and health conscious district’ in next three years.

– Just like education, creating a Latur pattern of awareness about menstruation and spreading it across the country.

These things are going to be done.

Phase 1 – Surveys & Awareness

In this phase, awareness about menstruation will be created through various programs and seminars for adolescent girls and women through Akka Foundation. Classes on menstruation will be conducted by surveying various schools.


Phase 2 – Distribution & Logistics

Free sanitary pads will be distributed to girls in selected schools during the survey in the first phase. Girls who need sanitary pads every month during menstruation will be provided with sanitary pads in school by Akka Foundation through Project Anandi.

Stage 3 – Self-Sustainability

Sanitary pads will be produced at the local level through women self-help groups by creating various clusters at the village level. An innovative effort will be made to provide employment opportunities to women in rural areas.

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Project Anandi
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