water rally

Water Literacy Rally

Friends, Latur district has a lot to offer to our state and our country. However, today, this district is facing a struggle for essential necessities like water. Due to the lack of water, agriculture is not producing as expected. Without agricultural production, there are no industries, and without industries, there are no jobs. This situation has led the younger generation to leave their villages and migrate to cities like Pune and Mumbai. Villages are being left deserted, and we are losing our people.

If we want to change this scenario, we must demand our rightful share of water for our district. We need to revive industries and create employment opportunities. To achieve this, we need to unite and request the government to divert the water that flows into the sea towards our district. However, the government is not paying attention to the pleas of a single individual. That’s why we all need to come together and demand our rights collectively so that our voice reaches the ears of the government.

For this purpose, we have organized the Water Literacy Rally. The questions and issues in our district will be presented to the people, making them aware of their rights. To make our voice heard, we need to raise our voices together.

Friends, please pay attention. The adversity we are facing is something we have brought upon ourselves. If we demand our rightful share of water and plan its proper utilization, we will never have to face adversity in Latur district again. That’s why I urge you to participate in this rally for your right to water. Your future is in your hands, so keep that in mind.